The Octopus Catcher

music : pianochocolate

The octopus is a creature of grace; one can not say such a creature has dexterity
for the octopus has no fingers, and yet dexterity, nimbleness and the physical intelligence
of a dancer all belong to the octopus. The octopus is a hunter; a master of catching the
hidden and the evasive. In Martyn Blundell’s film, The Octopus Catcher, the human,
octopus and film-maker are indistinguishable from each other; and the poignancy of
survival and death alongside the sheer beauty of practiced, physical craft are caught
in the film-maker’s frames.  Mark Goodwin 2014

I'll be showing 'Convalescent Fade' and 'The Octopus Catcher' at the
Ayuntamiento in Pontevedra, Spain in January. Private view is on the 22nd January.
Everyone is welcome!