two ways of looking at things
two ways to tell the truth
two girls holding hands
two ways to keep us apart
two spaces between three ideas
two echoes of a whispered voice
two voices quietly discovering they can never be apart
two circles on top of each other
two sides to every story
two pretending to be one
two halves of the same shared dichotomy
two hands holding two hands
two pieces of a mirror reflecting, two perfectly symmetrical ideas
two sharing a perfect mirage under a perfect sky
two reflecting on the space between them
two perfect reflections
two shadows of a impossible future
two pieces that fit together immaculately
two inarticulate broken screams
two crying for each other
two sad voices
two identical with themselves
two identical wounds made with the same instrument
two dreams reflected in each others' eyes
two dreams of a single future
two impossible desires split in half and put back together, badly
two sleeping abandoned shapes in a two silent rooms
two dreaming impossible futures shaped like the moon
two folding interwoven differences
two parallel ideas unfolding together
two pieces of paper folded together
two twins entwined
two chances, both impossible
two twice
two twisted sad stories 
two too close
two up, two down
two complicated echoes
two mirrors, infinity, twice
two for the price of one
two bound binery 
two too far apart
two mouths, one perfect kiss