our time

Our house in the woods is far away
Our friends are in England 
Our time is now
Our hands are warm and the sun is on our backs
Our past will not come between us
Our lips touch occasionally
Our future is entwined 
Our hearts are broken (and)
Our dreams are broken
Our goals are the same
Our friends are different
Our lies are pure and transparent
Our trust is working
Our work is silent
Our love is not like friendship
Our ideas are coloured by a desire for new things
Our country doesn't exist
Our colours are chromophobic 
Our distance keeps us connected
Our love is star-crossed
Our bed is broken
Our evenings are full of laughter
Our doctor is trying to help us
Our progress is slow but sure
Our nurse is exhausted
Our sickness is pure
Our patience is endless
Our story has been told before
Our troubles belong to you
Our lessons won't be learnt
Our time will pass
Our mistakes will be repeated
Our will love shine on
Our love will belong to others 
Our love is a mistake that is eternal 
Our story is timeless