Watching a film is a real experience of a fiction.
Watching the news is a fictional experience of reality.

earth acceleration

Here's my latest video collaboration with Mark Goodwin published on

Here’s something fun and different: a collaboration between poet Mark Goodwin and filmmaker Martyn Blundell featuring Goodwin and his love of balancing on rails. He elaborates on this in a lyrical blog post for Longbarrow Press, who recently brought out his fourth collection, Steps, which “explores themes of climbing, walking and balancing,” 

digital mark-making

Digital drawings made on the iphone with the notes app.


If it wasn't for you, I'd be with you

Your Brightness

A new collaboration with Charly Meier and Mark Goodwin. Shot in Berlin and NYC.


Here's me playing guitar for Mark Goodwin's poem The Man Bent Over Our Books' Blue,  featured in the latest edition of Molly Bloom. Please click below to check it out :)

New drawings

New drawings from Andalusia, Galicia and Paris

Reasons for liking place

Because it's warm
Because it's far away
Because it’s so beautiful 
Because you can hide there
Because her dress brushed your legs