Your Brightness

A new collaboration with Charly Meier and Mark Goodwin. Shot in Berlin and NYC.


Here's me playing guitar for Mark Goodwin's poem The Man Bent Over Our Books' Blue,  featured in the latest edition of Molly Bloom. Please click below to check it out :)

New drawings

New drawings from Andalusia, Galicia and Paris

Reasons for liking place

Because it's warm
Because it's far away
Because it’s so beautiful 
Because you can hide there
Because her dress brushed your legs

One person exhibition of video work currently showing at the Palace of Culture in Pontevedra, Galicia until the 14th February.


I decided to fall in love with you.
It wasn't a difficult decision to make.
Your obsession with sewing yourself into your clothes meant we'd always have something interesting to talk about.
I'm ok.

drawing escapes

Brand new website for the drawing trips, please click on the image and check it out!

The Octopus Catcher

music : pianochocolate

The octopus is a creature of grace; one can not say such a creature has dexterity
for the octopus has no fingers, and yet dexterity, nimbleness and the physical intelligence
of a dancer all belong to the octopus. The octopus is a hunter; a master of catching the
hidden and the evasive. In Martyn Blundell’s film, The Octopus Catcher, the human,
octopus and film-maker are indistinguishable from each other; and the poignancy of
survival and death alongside the sheer beauty of practiced, physical craft are caught
in the film-maker’s frames.  Mark Goodwin 2014

I'll be showing 'Convalescent Fade' and 'The Octopus Catcher' at the
Ayuntamiento in Pontevedra, Spain in January. Private view is on the 22nd January.
Everyone is welcome!