I will be showing video work in the UAE for the Sharjah Biennale, at the Sharjah Art Foundation. Exhibition runs from October 11th until December 10th. Many thanks to Peter Lewis, the curator.

the imposter

the imposter 204 x 150cms 1997

not interested

Even bright flowers have withered movement that I'm not interested in.


Stay where you are

Stay for dinner
Stay for breakfast
Stay, if you leave you could be shot
Stay in bed with me
Stay in touch
Stay till the end
Stay out till 4
Stay behind after work
Stay awake
Stay on top
Stay with her because she can't be trusted
Stay together
Stay in the best hotels with your best friends 
Stay alive
Stay up
Stay when you know you should go
Stay for another
Stay, I might never see you ever again
Stay because leaving scares you
Stay because it's the right thing to do
Stay away you bastard
Stay in Barcelona for a week 
Stay with Natalie
Stay with her forever
Stay till the end
Stay off the vodka
Stay out
Stay, I'm going

I Will commentary

I've just received this beautiful commentary on 'I Will' written by Mark Goodwin. Watch the video here .

Commentary on I Will

A poet would say that we make the world and our selves through speaking. If we follow the way older Eva changes her intonations or repeats – two years later – the same stumbles on certain words, then perhaps this video nearly proves what a poet would say. Those earlier stumbles for whatever biological, psychological or phenomenological reason become ingrained in the creature’s ways of speaking. The younger word-creature (for humans are creatures of words) takes much more time to act out and indulge in the sounds of her words, and sometimes she mouths silent but clear disagreements with what she is being given to speak. And this is the crux of the video, I will, for it shows clearly how we are all ‘given’ our words by other humans; how our voices are passed down to us through sound (and possibly through genes). The video reveals how as we get older we learn how to say our words, and also how to remain silent about what we might think of the words passed on to us. The older Eva has her thoughts behind her eyes, her eyes sparkle with those untold thoughts as she speaks the poem, or script she ‘performs’ ... whereas the younger word-manipulator is more the manipulated, and it seems that the words animate her. The older face displays many physical changes, but those changes are more ‘held’ and negotiated; whereas the physical expressions of the younger speaker are broad and spontaneous. A poet might also say that to make poetry one has to balance between the dancing word-player of the younger Eva and the restraints and requirements of speaking in an adult world. And a poet would like to think that the fully grown human animal only knows themselves properly at the times they speak just on the cusp of childlike chanting and elderly grace.

Mark Goodwin  June 2014

felix poetry festival

Convalescent Fade will be showing at the Filmpoem Festival, which is part of the Felix Poetry Festival, on the 14th June in Antwerp.
I'll upload it soon.  More information about the festival is here