reasons to carry a sarong when travelling

to sit on it on a beach or dirty bus
as a tablecloth on a picnic
to wear it as a skirt or dress 
to cover yourself up in a place of worship
as curtains in a cheap hotel
as a sheet in a cheap hotel
as a towel 
to carry things in
to change on the beach 
as sling if you break your arm
for carrying a baby
to keep the sun off 
as a windbreak
as a tow rope
to climb a coconut tree
as a sail on a boat
to tie up your friend
to hang yourself with
to keep away people selling sarongs
to help carry a cactus
to blindfold your partner in some kind of erotic game
to help you breath in a sandstorm

Done the green ones...


Here's a new one from the Gdansk trip last week.


Shadows dark
Shadows celebrate light
Shadows cement an object in space
Shadows fall
Shadows fall on shadows
Shadows fall away from light
Shadows sleep quietly under the sun
Shadows add texture to what is not there
Shadows, echoes
Shadows of what we choose not to experience
Shadows of you are as beautiful as sunlight
Shadows live in darkness
Shadows draw with darkness
Shadows are transient and empty
Shadows collect fear
Shadows are sad metaphors
Shadows move with the sun
Shadows eat light
Shadows dance under the trees in summer
Shadows sleep and dream of the sun
Shadows hide light
Shadows hide
Shadows haunt happiness
Shadows keep you cool in summer
Shadows on Natalie's pillow
Shadows ache
Shadows on your face when you think of him


Enlightenment through exploration does not come without sacrifice.
When the foreign becomes familiar, what was familiar becomes foreign.
So deeply immersed in a new place, I end up leaving parts of myself there upon departure.
When it’s time to leave and move on, it feels as if I’ve lost something invaluable that can never be returned. 
In reality, this sense of loss is a product of priceless experiences and immeasurable perspective.
Indeed, I can’t help falling in love with other landscapes, cultures and people. In the process, however, home becomes an elusive notion. It ceases to be a place, and transforms into a feeling.
Desire is a very stubborn condition. Perhaps the only viable form of treatment is to surrender to its symptoms and relegate to dreams the hope that there is a place where desire is a thing forgotten.

votive boxes

These are really old now, but I was talking to Leigh Hancock at 5 Dots Collective in Nottingham about selling them at the workshop.  I have around 60 of them altogether. They're some of the earliest work I have that I still feel a connection with.