Wishing you a Merry Christmas

and a happy and creative New Year!

Dec arts sketchbooks

Sketchbook work from  BA Dec Arts final year students at NTU.

Anna Chesney

 Amelia Hales

memory drawings

Here are some more memory drawings from the inside of a UK electrical plug by BA.Textile students at NUA. I just love these!
More can be found here

flowers and vodka

Dress me up on Monday in heavy dresses and give me bright flowers and vodka.

the imposter

the imposter 204 x 150cms 1997

learning to draw

Last week I was asked by one of my students at NTU about my early attempts at drawing.

I hadn't learned to draw when I was in art school and soon after I graduated I felt that my lack of experience was holding me back as a visual artist. I asked a friend for help. He had excellent observational skills and the advice he gave me was to use a confident and decisive line, to stop trying to make 'good' drawings and to focus on the process rather than product.

So I started by following his advice and what you see below is a series spanning about 10 years. The first drawing was made 2 years after graduating. Between some of these images there were periods where I didn't draw at all for more than 3 years, but they're all in chronological order.